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The River Called Back

After the awesome finds from my last trip to the river, I had to go back. I lay awake at night, thinking to myself that there were more whale teeth under the sand just waiting to be excavated. There had to be more dugong out there! I hit the same area of the river with my fanning gloves on. I started making finds almost immediately. 10 minutes into the hunt, I got a fantastic squalodon molar. Then, another one. Then a couple more. I was on fire underwater!

The finds died down and I moved to where I found the dugong skull last week. Now there were more bones exposed and I got them all, including a mandible with a tooth attached and another loose tooth. A lot of that guy was there stuck in the bottom of the river just covered by a few inches of sand. It took many trips back to the boat to bring them all in but after fanning a massive area, I feel confident that I have everything that didn't already tumble downriver. I looked at my finds from this area from years past and I already had one of his vertebra and so does da fossz. I have a feeling that when I get all of this sorted out its gonna be pretty cool.

I moved to another area, one that I hunted already last week and I started moving sand there, too. I struck out there, but I managed to find a killer angustidens on top of the sand that I missed a couple weeks ago when I swam that bank.

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/7/2007

More whale teeth.
More whale teeth from the same area as last dive.
A shot of all the dugong bones in the back of my truck. What a load!

Another Great Day Fossil Diving in South Carolina
Another Great Day Fossil Diving in South Carolina
Angustidens Tooth
Angustidens Tooth
Squalodon Molar
Squalodon Molar
Dugong Tooth
Dugong Tooth
Billfish rostrum
Billfish rostrum





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