February 22, 2018  
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Kamp Ranch Pearl !

Well all my good spots for hunting teeth are pretty much gone for now, but there is one spot where they are still building houses and its always good for a look.   I started over to a rock pile, that use to produce some nice teeth, just flipping over rocks and looking for anything when I look up and see a piece with something in it, I can't believe my eyes when I pick up a pearl.  It was still mostly incased in the matrix but I could tell what it was, and it was kinda beat up.  That made my day.  After looking around finding nothing but pieces I decided to hurry home and work on my pearl to see what lay under the rock.  But before I left I picked up another piece which I think is a pearl.  Its about 4mm and perfectly round, I have to get another opinion on it but I may have found 2 in one day!!
Location Dallas County, Texas, USA

Date Added7/23/2007

2nd look

A few of my best finds from this past month
A few of my best finds from this past month
I love Rain!
I love Rain!
Rained for weeks!
Rained for weeks!





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