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No encore

We took a pit stop at the Bell and continued on to the Golf Course ditch. I thought that after my success on Saturday that I would fare well at this spot. We chiseled at the hardening edges for quite a while without anything noteworthy. I came up with a few ok teeth - a small angy with a nick on the root lobe and a small mako with some nice color. T-moNey did pretty well there, though. He found a nice small angy and a cool lookin isurus desori tooth. No repeat performances today, but as we all know, a bad day toothin is better than a good day at work. This Saturday is Lafarge's open dig, where most members of the club will be.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/14/2002


Getting schooled by the kidz
Getting schooled by the kidz
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In debt to (fossil) society
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Fossil Hunting the Way I Like It





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