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fossiling 4th of July by svillej

I split time between Summerville and Downingtown,Pa. and was in the lowcountry from June 26 to July 6. It didn't take long to get together with sharkdentist for a few days of digging. The first basket produced a beautiful 2 5/8" Angy. The good luck continued with another 1 1/2" and a 1 5/8" parotodus benedeni. 3 whale verts and a small double root squalodon tooth were added later in the week. Two other good finds were a land tortoise vert and a huge piece of petrified wood that measured 13"x11"x4" thick. I have been collecting fossils in the lowcountry since the spring of 2000 and will try to post some of the old trips
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/9/2008


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WOW>>>>>>> - 7/9/2008
Reviewer : sharkdentist from
Total Rating : 9
I feel like I was there from your post. Oh I was nice finds svillej can not wait to do it agian. Sharkdentist. Content Quality : 9 of 10

Drool Quotient : 9 of 10

Picture Quality : 9 of 10
because I saw them in real life.
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