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Almost a killer day

Tha duDe and I met up with 2th h0oveR this morning at the crack of dawn with the promise of a new spot to hunt. It was a beautiful day, but man, it was COLD! We followed h0ov to the new spot and parked. There was nothing in sight. A short walk through the woods later, and we saw the glory. A little, overgrown ditch dug right down to the layer. There were white rocks all over the bottom and I just KNEW that there was nice stuff here somewhere. We'd have to dig, but it would eventually be worth it. We got to work with visions of white megs dancing in our eyes. After a couple of hours, none of us had found anything so I started to walk the edge and look under the leaves that had collected along the banks. About 3 feet after I started searching, I spotted what could be a root. Immediately the "please be whole" chant began. I called thA duDe over and he watched as I tried to extricate the megalodon from its prison. I was extremely careful, and I even took a few incremental photos, but I was ultimately disappointed by the missing right root lobe. Too bad! It could have been a beauty. So many are broken before we ever dig them out. That's what makes the good ones great, though.

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/14/2002

This is the sum of what I found at the white ditch. That meg is the biggest shame I've found in months!
This is the edge of the meg that was exposed when I found it. I only removed a few roots before I took the picture.
I cleared off a lot of dirt here and I was really excited! I didn't know the right root lobe was missing yet, and the tooth looked awesome. I was so disappointed that the tooth was broken that I almost deleted these photos. When I looked at them, though, they were so cool that I had to post them. Ahh, what could have been!

Hunt Healthy
Hunt Healthy
A promising new Summerville spot
A promising new Summerville spot





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