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The Marathon

Next on my list of places to visit was going to be the porno ditch, but someone was there when I got there so I decided not to compete and moved on to the spot that should not be. I spent the most time there because its a pretty big development with lots of muddy places that take a while to walk. Soon after I arrived, one of the locals regaled me with hits from the classic rock dumpster. I prayed for incessant thunder, but it never came. Soon after, I found my best tooth of the spot. There had been many people there before me, and I found that big angustidens on a pedestal very near where I found the megalodon tooth last week. The other people did a pretty good job searching the rest of the development, though, because it was really hard to come by anything but little teeth. I did manage another smaller, orange angustidens in someone's footprint, but 2 hours of pulling my boots out of mud up to my knees had taken its toll. My energy was nearly used up and the final spot would take everything that was left.

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/7/2003


The Day After Thanksgiving Sales - NOT!
The Day After Thanksgiving Sales - NOT!
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A Grand Finale





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