January 27, 2022  
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Another Peach

Since my last post, the Crazy Canuck and I have been digging in this ditch right across the street from our office. We could have actually walked, but its tough to carry all the tools across 4 lanes of traffic. So we've been doing the lazy American thing and driving the 50 yards. Anyway, Tuesday and Wednesday, we didn't really find much. He hit a little pocket of teeth yesterday where he found a nice meg chunk, several broken teeth, and one nice angustidens. I kept the faith, though, and I kept digging the path I started days ago. Well, today I hit paydirt. I just love that feeling I get when I know I've got a complete meg in the ground.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/19/2002


Another BIG Angustidens - What luck!
Another BIG Angustidens - What luck!
I found a new place.
I found a new place.
I found a new place.
I found a new place.





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