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Someone else knows

We had a big rainstorm yesterday on the way home from our collecting in Williamsburg county. The whole lowcountry got drenched, and that means good land collecting. Da fossz was down for the continuing RivrDigrFest 07 activities, but today, even though we celebrated the digr, we could not collect with him. We would be granted an audience the next day.

Our first stop was to the Yellow ditch. Our personal racking grounds, until recently anyway! We have been unchallenged in collecting this awesome spot for quite some time, but today we arrived to footprints in the sand. We still hunted like we were first though, in case the guy who got here first missed something. He missed a few but not a whole lot. The rainfall we had yesterday should have taken out a few trees and rinsed some of the litter away, so there should have been a bunch of teeth for prima fossile.

As we got to the end of the ditch, we started moving fast. We need to vacate quickly to escape a major mosquito offensive against our flanks. The SC State birds were eating us alive! We met up with DF, and he had a few decent teeth, but noone had anything jaw-dropping.

Our next stop was to the Big Ditch. We don't go there much because most of the layer that once produced the pristine angustidens and whale fossils is gone in all but a few areas. It takes a huge rainfall to do anything, and yesterday's deluge fit the bill. We arrived late, so we were not the first there either. I moved fast because my expectations were pretty low. Da fossz was patient, though, and methodically applied his advanced collecting techniques. His persistence paid off with a point in the murky water, and my haste rewarded me nothing!

At the end of the hunt at the second, there weren't many teeth found as we feared. Its a shame - that spot used to be so good! The point amazed me. It was the last thing I expected at that place. When I grow up, I hope I can hunt as good as da fossz!

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/11/2007


By Land and By Water
By Land and By Water





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