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By Land and By Water

Day 1 PM and day 2 entailed myself and DW exploring the lowcountry for new sites after the exercusion with PB. Well, we went to three old spots and one new one. This was a strange two days. At the first two old spots the teeth were limited despite downpors; DW got one keeper angy. I ended up with a decent arrowpoint, except for a dinged tip. The third old spot was the Edisto River. DW racked in two nice points and one is a superhero. I found my own keeper: my second ever Oligocene P.  Benendini from the river. I also got a few decent shark teeth as I located a nice gravel bed under the sand. I knew this spot was loaded, so be sure and check out my next post. The last spot, an older spot had some new overburden to explore. A quick shower enabled an evening run and DW scored a decent meg. I managed one nice angy to complete the day. The best tooth was Weezlings’ PCS-esque mako. What a day!!

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added8/13/2007

The haul from the river run.
The haul from the creeks and an old pond. One decent arrowhead.

1-1/2" Spearhead
1-1/2" Spearhead
1" P. Benedini
1" P. Benedini
Colonial pipe
Colonial pipe
Someone else knows
Someone else knows





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