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Deceptively Bad

As soon as I got off work, I was on the way to this new place that the crazy canuck told me about. It had been several days since rain, but there were new, unexplored piles everywhere. I walked all to my right, and most were devoid of fossils and layer. Just as I finally hit an area with potential, a wicked thunderstorm started blowing in. I tried to ignore it, but it kept bearing down. Finally, I smelled the smell and I made a mad dash for the truck. There's a smell that goes with a summer thunderstorm and it was there in force. I jumped ditches, skidded across mud flats, etc. I closed the gap to my truck as I watched a wall of rain approaching at an alarming rate. I fumbled my keys a bit, opened the door and closed it as the first drops hit my arm. WHEW! I went home, waited out the storm, headed back out, and scooped up Indiana. The rain had blasted the field and everything was new. I decided to take a slightly different route the previous trip. This one was AWESOME! Layer everywhere. Coating every inch of the hills. You know what's wierd, though? There were hardly any teeth. I talked to this track hoe driver earlier and he said that they hadn't found too much out there. At the end of the day, we did ok. I ended up finding a shamer white meg peeled down the center. Oh well, it was fun. I probably should have been going out to this place a lot earlier than I did. I just can't believe there is that much layer and no fossils.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/10/2003

what a shame on the meg!

Not the Haul I Expected
Not the Haul I Expected
A Fossil Hunt 10 Years in the Making
A Fossil Hunt 10 Years in the Making





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