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In debt to (fossil) society

I've been fossil hunting so much lately that I don't have time to post everything immediately like I used to. I've ALWAYS believed hunt shark teeth when conditions are ideal. I've been doing it! The Springfield Triumvirate of Ponds has been legendary recently. Lately, I only have time to wash everything, place it in its own pile in my fossil room, and then leave my little slice paradise and then work until 2 or 3 in the morning. Then I get up and go to work and try to fit it all in again the next day. There comes a time in every fossil hunter's life when the table becomes too cluttered and the slate must be cleaned. I did that today, but unfortunately, I'm still posting from two times ago when this same thing happened. Basically, I'm in debt to the website. I owe so many posts that I'm trying to catch up. I didn't hunt today. I didn't hunt yesterday. I posted both days. I might post tomorrow! Who knows. I'm off for two weeks in a row, so I'm probably going to hunt at least... A LOT! Debt to the website is a blessing. I will shoulder the burden with honor. Anyway, this post was not from a good day. We arrived on a late afternoon just hours since the giant bucket of the excavator revealed a new fossil bearing area. As dependable as the sunrise, my two hunting partners the weEzlinG and tha boy were ready at a moments notice to hunt. Those kids love hunting fossils. None of us really found anything to stand up and bear witness about, but we have a positive attitidude - its better to be active and finding teeth than sitting at home in a coma in front of the tv watching 12 year old reruns of Nickelodeon sports shows. The digging cut through very thick fossil layer, but that's not always a good thing. There can be too much gravel. Since I hunt a reformulated fossil layer, everything has been moved around by the ocean. When there is a lot of gravel, the rocks tend to grind the teeth. That's where we were today. I hunted with the new devastator and I saw the weEzlinG so intent to find a tooth that he dug in the layer with a screwdriver when it proved too hard for his 5 year old arms to penetrate with a shovel. Now that's dedication!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/24/2006

I wonder how many people will notice?

new spot turns up awesome colors.
new spot turns up awesome colors.
A six inch meg in summerville?
A six inch meg in summerville?
A Hot trip to Summerville
A Hot trip to Summerville





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