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hemi penni.....

My work recently brought me to Charleston, South Carolina and I thought to myself, “Isn’t there another ‘famous’ city down there…. Hmmmm…. Summerville…lol”.  So I got in touch with Ditchweezil to see if he was up for a dig.  Luckily our schedules worked out so I arrived Friday, late-morning at a gas station he designated to meet at. 

After being “patted down” for any GPS devices, I put on the blindfold he brought, spun around ten times and reluctantly crawled into the trunk of his car for a short ride.  After verbally agreeing not to expose the whereabouts of the location, I finally emerged from the trunk with my shovel in hand ready to dig.

The small “crick” was a beautiful site.  The only other stream I have collected is the GMR, so it was a little weird not having the “O'de Eau de Toilette” smell lingering on my hands, not to mention on the teeth.  A lot of firsts for this trip for me with includes South Carolina teeth in general and meeting / digging with Ditchweezil.  I found my first sting ray barb (partial base), my first toothed whale tooth (Squalodon atlanticus), my first fish mouth plates (believed to be puffer fish), my first “micro” Sharpnose Shark tooth (Rhizoprionodon terraenovae), my first horse teeth partials, a 3/4” unidentified tail vertebrae and a piece of bone material which I believe has croc predation evidence on it.

I thought I found my first “pathological / contorted” tooth; however, Ditchweezil “chuckled” and identified it as my first Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo contortus) tooth. I also sifted out (which I usually do) a lucky penny.  As luck would have it, my biggest and prettiest hemi (Hemipristis serra) was in the mix too.  The coloring on this tooth was phenomenal with an exceptional coffee marbling.

My best / rare find was a Reef Shark (Carcharoides totuserratus) tooth.   I said, “Wow, this is a cool looking small tooth”.  When I asked Ditchweezil, “What kind is this one?”, he seemed pretty amazed and shocked when I showed it to him.   “That is a RARE one”.   I guess my expression was pretty complacent.  It wasn’t only until he put it into perspective on how unique of find it was.   The Ditchweezil was telling me all the 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”…etc Megs he has found over the years (a total that made me dizzy).  The number of times Ditchweezil said he has found “that” tooth could be counted on both his hands.  And here I am, not more that ½ hour in the water pulling one out.  All that fuss over such a little tooth. I guess one must not question the Fossil Gods, but to be honest, I would have been more ecstatic with a “fat meg” (which still eludes me to this date).

The last tooth I found was my first Carcharocles angustidens, a little over 1” and also with outstanding color.  The time flies when you are having fun, and that is when the Ditchweezil realized it was 12:45 p.m. (he needed to be somewhere for a 1:00 prior engagement).  So we packed up our gear, departed our ways and I began my 5 hour trek back home.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dig and conversations with “the man”, in addition to having a “mentor” point out information of the Chandler Bridge Formation and first hand approach on identifying teeth.

Until our shovels dig again….


Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/7/2008

"croc" predation evidence?
tail vertebrae
fish mouth plates (pufferfish?)
Snaggletooth Shark (Hemipristis serra)
Giant Great White (Carcharocles angustidens)
Toothed Whale (Squalodon atlanticus)
Sharpnose Shark (Rhizoprionodon terraenovae)
Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo contortus)
Reef Shark (Carcharoides totuserratus)

Meeting Brachiomyback
Meeting Brachiomyback

- 12/8/2008
Reviewer : Down by the banks from
Total Rating : 10
great finds, that whale tooth is awsome!! love the color on those teeth. Hope I get a chance to go ditch diggin with you guys someday. Content Quality : 10 of 10
laughed hard about that trunk trip.

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10
Nice mix of teeth.

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
like a pro
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Excellent! - 12/8/2008
Reviewer : Fat Boy from Maryland United States
Total Rating : 10
Thanks for sharing! Great things sometimes come in small packages. That Carcharoides tooth to your neighbor is just another "nice plain ol' sharks" tooth while a meg would be a "Wow, that's an awesome tooth". To me, the Carcharoides tooth is a gem! The meg will come... I like the colors of the teeth too. Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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- 12/8/2008
Reviewer : Daryl from Maryland United States
Total Rating : 10
Awesome teeth! I can't wait until I get a trip down there someday. Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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Nice rare Tooth!! Great colors - 12/9/2008
Reviewer : Grtwhteshrk13 from South Carolina United States
Total Rating : 10
I laughed out loud in my classroom.... My students thought I was crazy! Great story! Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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story time.... - 12/9/2008
Reviewer : brachiomyback from
Total Rating : No Rating
Glad you guys enjoyed it. Nothing better than fossil hunting, photography, photoshop and a little story telling. I may exaggerated just a bit...lol. Down By The Banks... will try to give you a "heads up" next time my work brings me in the Richmond / Norfolk area. No Virginia teeth yet in my collection or a Chesapecten jeffersonius.
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Great Story - 12/18/2008
Reviewer : makoboy from
Total Rating : 10
Love the read! Brought a smile to my face and made my hands itch for the shovel! Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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