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A November To Remember

The remodel is in full swing again, and I spent all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday working on my house. Sunday, though, we finished a little early, and just as I was getting ready to go with her to the bowling alley, she sensed my fossil thirst ahd asked if there was a place I could go for a few hours where I could hunt and take the weEzlinG - he's no good a the bowling alley. I wondered to myself if the new pond that I pillaged last week would be safe, What was there - big piles of dirt, rocks, mud, water, and a ditch. Yep, sounds like a perfect place for a kid. All I had to do was think back to when I was little. I would have LOVED it! We were in full fossil fatigues and out the door in minutes. The pond was almost as I left it last week, except that tha duDe and t$ had left their marks yesterday. Indiana and Buffalo were there trying to score the big tooth, too, and after they showed me what they found so far, I was digging and dodging flying dirt clods from my mischevious 3 year old. First, I excavated to the right of where I found the big chunk of mastodon tooth last week in hopes of finding the rest. I reached last week's dig marks without success, so then we went over to where I found all the megalodon teeth last week. About that time, 2th h00ver showed up and Indiana and Buffalo left. h00v dove into the layer and immediately scored a couple little megs side by side. His finds made me dig that much harder, and after a few minutes, I unearthed a giant root. A small piece from the front of the root turned to dust as I peeled away the clay to fully expose the root, so from then on I was much more careful. I didn't want to mess it up any more, so I pulled it out in a big block of clay and rocks to avoid any further damage and packed it away to clean later. It turned out that the extra care was worth it, because later when I cleaned away the excess dirt, I found that the tooth was complete! There was still daylight left, though, and I couldn't stop digging with the one megalodon tooth because I knew that another was close by. The wEezlinG was shouting "Hello" into a drain pipe and laughing hysterically at his echo, so he totally didn't mind sticking around a little longer. I started down the other side of the pond, but after about 30 minutes I had turned up very little and it was getting too dark to see. My son had somehow managed to find a whale bulla, but he wanted a tooth so I started digging a little harder to find him one before we left. Almost immediately, I flipped out a little gem angustidens. Thinking that this prime little tooth wouldn't survive in his peanut butter jar of rocks and fossils, I gave him another tooth that I found earlier and he was ecstatic. I was getting up to go when he said, "Find another one, daddy!" I sat back down and the very next shovel exposed another giant root. I cleared away a little more dirt, and the blade was massive, too! I called 2th h00ver over to witness as I removed it. Even covered with dirt, I could tell that this tooth was going to be special. Oh MAN! was I right! 2 hours after we arrived, we left with more great teeth than I ever dreamed was possible. This new pond is a gold mine!!!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/16/2003


5 5/16" Megalodon Shark Tooth
5 5/16" Megalodon Shark Tooth





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