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Last day hunting for this vacation

t$ rung me up and asked me if i was going 2thin saturday. of course i'm going 2thin saturday! i picked him up and i really wanted to check to see if the crews were working over at the golf course. everyone else has found something good at that pond, and i want something good, too! 3 hours later, i was only slightly heavier due to the junker teeth i was finding and i wanted to leave. t$ found a little peeler meg, but he wasn't opposed to leaving. onto the next spot we went.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/3/2004


Fossil Hunting the Way I Like It
Fossil Hunting the Way I Like It
A pile of mediocrity
A pile of mediocrity
Getting schooled by the kidz
Getting schooled by the kidz





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