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I went out 2th hunting today with my boys to the new pond. We arrived to find new digging and two people already digging on it. I knew who they were, and I figured they would be there, being dedicated hunters like myself. There was decent layer everywhere, but it was bereft of layer. Except in one place. Lets just say its one of the best teeth I've ever seen someone find. Hopefully, they'll send me a picture so I can share it with the community. Anyway, it inspired me to make a post. This one is from the same day as the last quarry visit. I already had a good day in the morning, so this hunt was icing on the cake. I didn't find anything awesome, but I found a lot of teeth which always makes it fun. The big yellow angustidens is in tha weEzling's collection now.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/19/2006

I thought the big one was a megalodon for a little while, but the curvature of the blade and the extremely angular nature of the longest root lobe screams angustidens.

Cold Day Good Teeth
Cold Day Good Teeth
A nice hardcore toothing trip.
A nice hardcore toothing trip.
A nice hardcore toothing trip.
A nice hardcore toothing trip.





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