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Tough to get a tooth in edge-wise

With all the quality posts being added almost daily to this site, I feel like a slacker not having put up anything in almost two weeks. I'm still catching up old posts, so this one is from a pond that is full of water now. Houses are being built around it! Its sad to see a good fossil hunting place become suburban, but then again it is because of the houses that I was able to hunt there to begin with so I can't be too remorseful. One Saturday afternoon the weEzlinG and I were down in the aforementioned pond (then a muddy pit) tirelessly excavating fossils. Ourselves and others had dug almost all the exposed layer out and I was concentrating on the layer between two giant excavator tracks. The machine had squeezed a bunch of mud up between the tracks, and only the extra overburden to remove left this area unexplored. It was almost dark and neither of us had found anything decent. We were almost ready to call it a day when my shovel hit a good bone bed. This spot was great because of how much bone there was. Its so exciting to hear it, then dig to find out if its a giant megalodon tooth or just an omen of megalodon teeth to come. The layer at this spot was pretty sparse. The excavators had removed all but about 12 inches of sediment from over top of the ashley formation. Immediately overtop of that was a thin layer (1 to 2 inches maximum) of sticky green chandler bridge. Immediately over that, and usually mixed in with it was a thin layer of black hawthorne layer, the lowcountry's treasure trove of reformulated fossils. On top of that, feet upon feet of featureless, fossil-less grey sand. Anyway, back to the tooth story... My shovel hit something hard and I carefully removed the overburden. I saw chandler bridge over top of the object of interest so I hoped that below was a massive angustidens. I removed the green slop and saw a big black blade lying directly on top of the ashley formation. I cleared off the goo expecting to see a big, beefy root adorned by massive cusps. Wrong! It was a megalodon under the chandler bridge! Its the first time I've ever found one there. The only thing that I could think of was that the area must have had some really violent oceanic activtiy going on to redistribute pliocene fossils underneath oligocene sediments during the pleistocene. Try to wrap your brain around that one!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/15/2006

A pretty decent haul of shark teeth for an afternoon of hunting. The megalodon with the big missing chunk really had me depressed until I found the nice one.

Big Black Megalodon
Big Black Megalodon





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