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The blistermaker

An old spot was suddenly drained and we got first digs at the newly exposed layer. The spot was dug right to the fossil layer, so we only had to remove a couple inches of thick clay-mud to get to the teeth. Nearly every piece of overburden stuck to our shovels and we had to peel it off with sticks, our boots, or each other's shovels, fingers, whatever. The layer was extra hard, too, so we had to push extra hard to get into the rocks. Our hands were decorated with blisters before too long. To boot, the overburden was the stickiest stuff we ever dug and it quickly sapped our strength. The shovels were SO HEAVY! Tha boy gave up and started walking the piles where he found a nice little point, so he was pretty stoked about the whole deal. Tha weezling, normally patient, complained incessantly about the digging, the bugs, the pain, his brother finding an arrowhead, the heat, the sorry layer, the mud on his boots, and just about everything else so we were only out about 3 hours before I just gave in and decided to go home without a tooth for the case.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/19/2006


Black River Fossils: The Next Generation
Black River Fossils: The Next Generation
A nice hardcore toothing trip.
A nice hardcore toothing trip.
A nice hardcore toothing trip.
A nice hardcore toothing trip.





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