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The Weezling Scores Big!

This is another post from a while back - Tha weEzlinG and I went out to the pond again today. We missed a big rain the other day because I had to work, so today was an effort to pick up the scraps. We were armed with shovels because there was a small section of layer that we could dig. We walked around but there were footprints everywhere so we went over to the wall section to apply our spading technology. I went to work right away while my son decided to look around for a better spot. About 20 feet from me, he yells "Dad! Theres a giant tooth in the wall over here!" I scrambled through the mud, wondering what he found. I couldn't see it until I got about 10 feet from the wall, but when I got closer it disappeared under the edge of the wall because of the curvature of the layer. He saw the edge sticking out when he was right next to it because he's short. I helped him dig it out and it turned out to be a beauty!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/11/2006

My slim finds.
My son's 3 5/8 inch megalodon! Its got that great Summerville color scheme - yellow, orange, red, white. The marbling is all over the tooth, including the root. Its a great find!

Chillin Like a Villain
Chillin Like a Villain
A little orange in the screen...
A little orange in the screen...
Thursday hunt turns up decent finds
Thursday hunt turns up decent finds





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