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New Forums!

New Version Forums on the Way

I started converting these forums over to an updated version yesterday. I should have them ready soon. All posts up through about noon eastern time on July 4, 2010 will be on the new version. Sorry to anyone who made a post in the 24 hours prior to that, but I hope that the new forums will be less agonizing to post pictures and more feature filled than the one we've had available up until now. Thanks for understanding! dw

Artifact and Fossil Forum

BlackRiverFossils.org Artifact and Fossil Forum

Thanks for visiting our fossil forum! Discuss shark teeth, artifacts, and other fossils on these fossil discussion groups.

In order to post on these forums, you must be a registered member of this site. Membership is free and open to all. Use the register link and start discussing fossils with other fossil enthusiasts from all over the world.

Please try to keep your responses relevant to each thread. If you can't find a thread about what you want to discuss, feel free to create a new one!

Here are two links to posts dealing with how to post pictures on Black River Fossils forums.

1. How to Post Pictures on Black River Fossils Forums by dw

2. How to Post Pictures on Black River Fossils Forums by Daryl




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