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Green Mill Run Primer

The Aurora Fossil Museum Friends weekend hunt #2 was set for March 10th.  DW, T$ and myself were able to secure the same day, and a trip to PCS was set. Thanks to PCS and the AFM for the opportunity to collect fossils in such a rich locale.


I met up with the BRFC brethren about 11:30 Friday to allow for a possible hunt in GMR. The traffic cooperated, and after a Mexican feast for lunch we arrived at GMR about 5PM. This gave us about an hour to collect until we got our nightlights out. OK, I am stretching it a little. Hey, at least no one thought about snorkeling!! We headed to our spots and sifted furiously. I bagged a nice mako and then in the stream bed eyed a triangular black shape I thought was a great white. Turned out to be a heart-shaped small meg, a Hubble tooth. Nice!! I worked that spot hard, and managed a nice small crow shark tooth. We all found decent fossils; DW scored a nice pathological crow shark. The wait was on for our trip into the mine.

Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added4/1/2007

My haul from GMR in about an hour. Not too shabby!!

1-3/4 inch Meg
1-3/4 inch Meg
Greensmill Run Warmup
Greensmill Run Warmup





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