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Greensmill Run Warmup

We left at noon on Friday to give ourselves plenty of time to rest up for the trip into the Lee Creek mine. T$, da f0ssZ, and I arrived in Greenville about 5:30 and we made a pit stop at Greensmill run. We tried a different section of creek and even though we only had an hour before dark, we were in a productive area of the creek and we managed to find some decent stuff before the darkness forced us to discontinue our hunt. My best find was a pathologic squalicorax. It has serrations growing out of the front. I also found a really nice goblin shark tooth there - Scapanorynchus texanus, I believe. After some prime seafood we rolled into the hotel to clean our creek finds and anticipate the next day’s hunt. T$ took the inflatable mattress that I parked down by the air conditioner unit. As t$ laid on the mattress, the cover to the AC fell on him. The nearly slumbering f0ssZ barked at young Mr. Money and advised him to stop making so much noise. He fixed it and lay down, only to have the cover fall on him again. From a horizontal position, he adjusted the cover. Thinking that he had mastered the 1970’s model wall mount unit, T let go only to have the cover come crashing back down on him. He seemed like he needed some help so I suggested that he lean his bag against the cover to support it. That worked and he quickly fell asleep. Df was already slumbering, and I lay there in my incessant insomnia hoping that the next day would bring big finds. Two rooms away, a boisterous couple “celebrated” loudly well into the night. I managed to fall asleep for a little while until a family checked into the room below us. Some kids came in and excitedly began playing. They yelled across the room to each other, jumped on the beds, threw stuff at each other, crashed into walls, normal kid stuff. That went on for a while, and then the parents started yelling at each other. They screamed back and forth about respect, feelings, equal time in the Volvo, the argument culminating when the dude shook the whole sleazy dive as he slammed the door en route to sleeping in the car. Then round 2 came for the other couple. I don’t know when I finally fell asleep, but it wasn’t long before time to wake up.
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/9/2007


Green Mill Run Primer
Green Mill Run Primer
Greensmill Run Warmup
Greensmill Run Warmup
Goblin Shark Tooth
Goblin Shark Tooth
Pathologic Crow Shark Tooth
Pathologic Crow Shark Tooth





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