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Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew

The final day of our North Carolina fossil hunting trip was spent in everyone's favorite squalid tributary - GMR. BigRedMeg gave us the scoop on a good hole (which we missed by half a mile, coincidentally) and we hunted the morning. da fossz and I had waders, but our budding meteorologist geologist t$ only had little girly boots so he could only hunt the shallows. I took a picture of them when he set them down. Be sure to check them out below. Next time, he said he was going to bring waders.

Anyway, I was over in the deeper water working a pretty nice gravel layer. I found a busted mako, a bunch of smaller teeth, loads of bellemnoids, then the prize - my first complete great white from GMR. Nothing else really mattered for me the rest of the day. da fossz found a nice smaller tooth, and t$ actually pulled a nice lower great white from the shallows.

Victory Bell was ours, and the ride home was as fun as the ride up. I already can't wait to do the trip again in the fall.

Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added5/3/2007

A good haul for a morning well spent.
t$'s boots

Bacteria Mill Run
Bacteria Mill Run
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew
Fossil Sawshark Rostril Tooth
Fossil Sawshark Rostril Tooth
Great White Shark Tooth
Great White Shark Tooth





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