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Bacteria Mill Run

The third day of our weekend trip started with a vigorous shake from DW as I slumbered deeply. Remember…better life through chemistry!! After a belly-fillin’ fromage-chicken-egg biscuit we raced to the moving bacteria waters of GMR. In a strange twist to this story I had received multiple cuts from a cerveza bottle that I could not open with RivrDigr’s rental car key. At least I did not use my Finding Nemo toothbrush; that would have been a disaster if I had broke it. Why does T$ always want to use that brush first to clean his fossils?? Keep reading, you’ll see. So, with open cuts I entered the creek in search of great whites, crow shark teeth and whatever else I might find. DW and I hit the deeper sections to sift gravel, while fairy boots wearing college-boy sifted the 2” water. Ohhhh….. T$ …don’t get water in those pretty booties, you might get your footsies damp. Luckily, I was with DW speaking about fossil philosophical matters like: When does one enter gravy mode on a fossil trip?? ; What is the value, if any, of a “sifter shot”. During this banter, DW racked a trip-maker Great White tooth; congrats! I managed a nice GW specimen too, and a nice Mako. To my surprise, my wounds were not gangrene, but they would have to be sterilized before a Bell feast. T$ did not fit the girly-man collector we labeled him as; he bagged a nice GW and also racked at PCS. Maybe I will get some of those boots??

Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added5/5/2007

GMR haul sans bacterial infection!!

1-3/8" Great White tooth
1-3/8" Great White tooth
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew





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