November 22, 2017  
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Back in The Saddle Again

The past two months had been the longest lull in collecting I’ve experienced since I started in the hobby several years ago. My shovel and screen have been relinquished to garden duty like two thoroughbreds pulling a plow. (Screens are great for carrying those small flower pots around). Between coaching my daughter’s volleyball team and my son playing T-Ball, time has been at a premium but Memorial Day weekend allowed just enough of a window to get out. I decided to hit GMR to try and get a nice Great White or perhaps a reworked Meg - any fossils would do. I arrived at the stream at 7:00 AM and as usual the mosquitos greeted me as I made my way down the bank. I spent the first hour and a half at a spot that was new for me and did pretty well - A nice mako, a nice great white and a 2 5/8" Carcharocles tooth that while beat up was mostly complete. Some nice Cretaceous finds included a couple of nice crow shark teeth and what is probably the nicest goblin shark tooth I’ve found at GMR. The spot I was working began to dry up a little so I decided to work my way upstream not finding too much through the rest of the morning. I spent the last hour back where I had begun but the familiar back ache started to take hold and I called it a day.

Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added6/1/2007

A slightly beat up, but decent GMR Mako.
A fossilized mammal tooth.

New Sifter Luck...
New Sifter Luck...
SNAKE!! (Part 2)
SNAKE!! (Part 2)





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