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GMR on the 4th of July Weekend

4th of July weekend has always provided a nice window to slide in a fossiling trip and this year was no different. After our Sunday morning festivities I headed out to Greens Mill Run to see what might turn up in the screen. The day was a bit lacking in the shark tooth department but I did find a few other interesting items with a small piece of a gomphothere tooth topping the list.

1 available
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added7/28/2014

The very partial gomphothere tooth. I found this piece about 30ft away from where I found the half gomph tooth last year.
I got a little excited when I first saw this but quickly realized it wasn't fossilized. I have found modern isolated raccoon teeth in NJ but having a mostly complete jaw section is much cooler.
A piece of petrified wood.
I’m not normally into shells but this mold was in awesome shape.

Cool Hand Luke.....
Cool Hand Luke.....
"Something wicked this way comes"..or maybe not
"Something wicked this way comes"..or maybe not
Digging with Frosty......
Digging with Frosty......





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