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Les Go Fosslin!

My wife was in NY two weeks ago leaving me and the kids to fend for ourselves through the weekend. My son who just turned five generally doesn’t last long on fossil hunts so its been a while since I’ve brought him along. While at the neighborhood pool on Saturday I asked what they wanted to do on Sunday and (with absolutely no coaxing) my son blurts out, " les go fosslin!". Not wanting to stunt his youthful ambition I felt obligated to oblige.

We headed to GMR early enough to beat the severe heat. I knew that 2 hours would be pushing the limits of Nolan’s ambition, so on the stream by 8:00, off by 10:00 seemed like a do-able plan. We headed straight to the stretch I had worked on the last few outings and began to work quickly. The material looked good; plenty of bone, but the teeth just weren’t there. One rootless great white was the most notable, if not lack luster find, but there were plenty of the usual partial teeth for the kids to pick up. Like clockwork after 2 hours they were ready to go. On one of the last few screens, I was just about to toss one of the many non-descript pieces of bone when I noticed it might not be so non-descript. The piece is really beat up but to me it really looked like it could be a piece of a jawbone - maybe a small croc jaw? I’ll probably never know exactly what it is but it’s always fun to imagine.

Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added9/17/2007


A Green Mill Run Chaser
A Green Mill Run Chaser
A Green Mill Run Chaser
A Green Mill Run Chaser
the three dog day at Greenmill Run
the three dog day at Greenmill Run





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