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Pepsi Challenge

It’s always good news when the boss gives you a project in Greensville, NC.  I departed last Wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. to start my 3+ hour trip.  I arrived early to ensure I had enough daylight incase I finished my job up and had time to find some fossils.  Well I did and had the predicament of either driving further to Aurora, NC and visit the Aurora Fossil Museum (never been there) to view the fossil displays and dig in the Pungo pile or just go the Green Mill Run. 

Since I’ve never been to the museum I decided to go there (see associated post).

I arrived back in Greenville late in the afternoon and figured I had a couple of hours before sundown or if the ever looming rain fell.  So I donned on the waders, gave myself a booster tetanus shot and hopped in the creek for some feverous screening.  Found the usual assortment with nothing spectacular to comment on other than an old glass Pepsi bottle and a new fossil find.  I finally identified it (of course with Daryl’s assistance again) as a snout bone, most likely from an Atlantic bonito (Sarda sarda).



Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added9/30/2008

Atlantic bonito (Sarda sarda)
Old 10 oz. Pepsi Bottle (pepsius nonbrokus)

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