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Greensmill Run Snake Report

I met up with rivrdigr at Greensmill Run for some pre-Lee Creek fossil hunting fun. I had lousy luck, but the digr did much better. Maybe one day he'll post again and you can see for yourself how much he scores.

At one spot where we were hunting, we met up with a gorgeous copperhead. He must have just shed his skin because his colors were really vivid. He was so docile that he posed for photos for us before slithering on his way. They really do blend in well, and we didn't even notice him until he moved. This is the third copperhead I've seen this year!

Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added10/10/2007

A reminder that there are some potentially dangerous neighbors who share our hunting grounds. Be careful out there!

The perils of fossil hunting
The perils of fossil hunting
Lee Creek Fall Season 2007 - the Rack in the Back
Lee Creek Fall Season 2007 - the Rack in the Back





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