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The perils of fossil hunting

I met up with DW at GMR to kill a couple hours the day before our hunt in Aurora. We tried the area I found the monster meg last year, it's getting harder to find a spot that hasn't been completly sifted through. We would move along the creek bed , toss our backpacks down and sift awhile, grab our packs then move on to the next spot. At the one spot I saw the copperhead within a few feet of DW's pack. It could have easily slithered under or in DW's backpack. I'll definitely be paying closer attention to where I lay my pack in the future. I did manage to get a couple decent GW's
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added10/11/2007

not bad for a couple hours

Opening weekend at Lee Creek
Opening weekend at Lee Creek
Greensmill Run Snake Report
Greensmill Run Snake Report





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