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Testing the muck and mire at GMR

The day before my Lee Creek trips I usually try to make a stop by Green Mill Run (http://www.ecphora.net/mgs/gmr.htm) to give it another whirl in the nasty stream.  I wasn't let down either.  Upon stepping into the stream in my chest waders I bumped into some large piece of trash resting on the bottom in the deep part just below the walkway that crosses over the stream.  Within seconds that familiar smell comes back and reminds me to not get any cuts while in this stream.  I walked way down stream and picked an area of the stream to sift.  I found many of the usual pieces and slivers of dark severely worn fossils that at one time resembled teeth of sharks, etc.  I toss all of them right back in the stream.  I did manage to find an area of the stream that had teeth that were in pretty decent shape.  I found 6 nice large Squalicorax pristidontis teeth, and several smaller ones in so-so shape.  Below are some pics of my finds.  I found only a small piece of a Great White crown.


Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/5/2008


unforseen events!
unforseen events!
The Best of the Run...Over 2 Months
The Best of the Run...Over 2 Months
Our first GMR trip!
Our first GMR trip!





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