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Broke Back GMR......It's not what you think :-)


After our first trip, we were biting at the bit to go back to GMR. I kept having dreams about finding teeth and more teeth. I couldn’t get the Run out of my mind. I had built our new “Super Sifter 1000” and we were ready to put it to the test.

Last time, we stayed at the City Hotel and Bistro, so we booked the same room to stay there again. If you don’t mind the noise, then it’s a great place to stay. Our room had a Jacuzzi tub in it which we used at every available chance….and I needed it after shoveling all the sand and gravel each day.

So, we started out not too early and not too late on Saturday morning with visions of finding “Mega” Megs. What we found instead was deep water. The entire Run had changed its appearance. Where the water had been a foot deep last time, we found it to be three and four feet deep. Every spot that I had planned to dig in was in deep water.

We learned from past experience to enter at the 10th street bridge. Down we went and progressed to where I thought we might have some luck. Due to the depth of the water, our choices were limited. We found a spot that was somewhat recognizable from last time and decided to give the SS 1000 a run for it’s money. It worked like a charm. We were both excited about how easy and efficient it worked for us. We found tooth after tooth.

After moving to another spot nearby, we started to find larger teeth. We spent easily 6 to 7 hours out each day. On the first day, we found some very nice teeth, but for size, an almost 2 in GW made it for us along with our first ray teeth and fish teeth. On the second day, I think we found a large Mako, but I’m not sure. We also found what I believe to be a fossilized egg, but we will await expert opinions. While sifting, we noticed a log that had not been there minutes before. I pulled it over and my wife suddenly had a nice seat to sit on. I think that made her day more enjoyable.

It was really nice to meet other people in the Run this time. We met a very nice man and his son from the Maryland Geological Society, a lady named Terry ( I think she is a local) and Toothpuller with a couple of other guys. They all talked about going to Lee Creek and sadly, when asked if we were going, we said no.

All in all, it was a great two days. Sunny and warm. No real bugs to eat you up and the company of my best friend. I think all in all, we must have pulled close to a thousand teeth. I also think Jen found a small Mosasaur tooth.

We can’t wait go back, and this time, we will be using the all new “Super Sifter 2000” and along with the SS 1000.

I do have to mention that my back is killing me. I haven’t done manual labor in a while and I haven’t gone to the gym in almost a year due to an injury.

We can’t wait to go again. Maybe we’ll see you there.

Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/10/2009

Exhibit A
Back side of A
The Super Sifter 1000 and Wife
...and action
...and Ta Da!!!!
Exhibit B
Side of B
Albino Belemnite?
Pay Day!
The good stuff
The So So stuff
The Haul
High Tide at GMR

Green Mill Run First Trip For 2007
Green Mill Run First Trip For 2007
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew
Greensmill Run Clean Up Crew

AWESOME! - 3/11/2009
Reviewer : Govinn from Virginia United States
Total Rating : 10
Great post and GREAT idea on the SS1000. I hope you didn't patent it because I may have to steal your plans for the next one I build. :) Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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Hope there is some teeth left for me!! - 3/12/2009
Reviewer : brachiomyback from
Total Rating : 10
Nice haul.... I believe your "egg" is actually a coprolite (fossilized fish / shark dung) and your Exhibit B is a nice specimen of a Goblin Shark (Scapanorhynchus texanus) from the Cretaceous epoch / Pee Dee formation. Anyway that's my opinion. I'm not an expert but starting to know enough to be dangerous....lol. Are the legs of the SS 1000 adjustable? Just wondering... If you're in a shallow area I would hate to lift shovel loads higher than what is necessary. Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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Thanks Govinn! - 3/13/2009
Reviewer : fossils4us from
Total Rating : No Rating
lol... go ahead and use it. We hope it works as well for you as it did for us. Currently planning the new and improved SS2000. Thanks again
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Ah Poop!!! Thanks Brad - 3/13/2009
Reviewer : fossils4us from
Total Rating : No Rating
I thought it was an egg by the way it was cracked. We didn't think it was coprolite, because we've never seen it like that before, but thanks for looking and for giving us your insights. But hey, if it is, it's still a fossil! Whoo hoo! :-) The legs of the SS1000 are not adjustable and I thought about that while shoveling load after load of goodness. But watch out for the all new and improved SS2000......she'll be a floater :-)
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