January 16, 2018  
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The GMR Prequel

It was a nice smooth ride into North Carolina. One of our many stops was at a gas station along the way and two guys were getting ready to duke it out at a gas pump for reasons unknown, but it was funny to watch. Then we arrived at Green Mill Run to hunt for a few hours before it got dark. It was my first time at the creek and I would have never imagined fossils being found here. I tore it up and didn’t do to bad for my first time at the creek. Ditchweezil even helped me score a nice crow shark tooth by giving me a shovel full of gravel from the bottom of the creek to shift that was unreachable to me because I wasn’t wearing waiters to go out that far...thanks Ditchweezil! I ended up finding a nice great white with minor feeding damage to the tip later on that day. When the hunt was over we headed to the hotel and I met Scubapaul for the first time. Scubapaul let us pick through a bunch of nice Bakersfield’s makos he found from California, thanks Scubapaul! Tomorrow would be my first trip into Aurora.
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added4/7/2006


Nolan's 1st GMR Trip
there G(oes) M(y) R(ide)
there G(oes) M(y) R(ide)
Gold in Greenville
Gold in Greenville





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