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there G(oes) M(y) R(ide)

My daughter Juli went on her first official fossil hunting trip as a North Carolina resident this morning. I decided to strengthen her immune system a little bit by bringing her out to GMR for a couple hours of collecting. We picked up a couple of decent great whites including an 1.5" shamer that landed in Juli’s screen, along with a couple of other nice smaller great whites and some nice crow shark teeth. I had also planned on stopping at another stream in southern Pitt County, but half way there my transmission started acting up. After discovering that my car does not allow for the addition of trans fluid (other than by the dealer) I decided to try and make it home. We got within 10 miles of my house and the car had had it -at least it died after fossiling.
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added8/19/2006

My finds.
Juli's finds.

Getting into a funk...
Getting into a funk...
Thats what I like about Sunday!
Thats what I like about Sunday!
Don’t look a gift Equus sp. in the mouth…
Don’t look a gift Equus sp. in the mouth…





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