December 11, 2017  
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Get it while you can!

It's does seem like it's getting harder to get some free time to go out and get some hunting in. Trying to schedule between work and some of the stuff mother nature has been throwing at us hasn't been easy. Today was the first time in months my son and I have been able to get out to the river. I decided to do a little more exploring in some new areas instead of going to the same old spots. We did manage to score a few megs and some other goodies. Nothing to noteworthy but we did have a great time and thats all that really matters. Hopefully I'll have something good to post from my trip to Lee Creek next week.
Location Hardee County, Florida, USA

Date Added9/24/2005


Hunting Bone Valley With The Southwest Florida Fossil Club
Hunting Bone Valley With The Southwest Florida Fossil Club
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You





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