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Finally back in the river again

A few of the BRF members decided to hit the river for
a tooth dive prior to the long hours of work we put in
for the Fossil Festival.  I was wise enough to start
my gear checkout a few days before I drove down and
that was a good thing.  My light was having issues
related to my last dive with BWD and a nasty little
flood in my battery housing.  I was able to salvage
one battery and replace my bulb and just in time to
finish packing.  As I found out though... i should
have checked out ALL of my gear since my highpressure
hose had a nice little leak in it too.  However, not
bad enough to cause any issues, so the dive was on :)

For Dave and Rivrdigr, it was their first try at this
location.  For me, it was round 2 and that is a big
advantage.  I LOVE to dive for teeth, so I was in all
my glory when we hit the water.  I ended up in the
logs pretty quickly and that is not always a bad
thing.  I found a couple teeth within the first 10
minutes or so and then a real nice sharp serrated 2
and 13 / 16ths tooth - and it was a beauty.  I was
pulling a few teeth here and there and it had been
over and hour and a half when I decided to head in.
Just as a turned to start swimming back, i saw a large
shape on the surface covered in silt.  It was just
laying there...too easy.  It was a 4.71" meg.  No
sharp serrations on this one...but pretty nonetheless.
I did a quick scan of the area..and headed in with a
big grin.  On the way back i met up with BWD on the
surface and he grinned endlessly about his beautiful
benedeni tooth - and it was lovely.

Location Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added6/3/2007

The best teeth from the trip.
The group of teeth from the 2 dives.

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