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Back to the river ("It's On Like Donkey Kong")

I have not had a chance to dive my favorite river since last October and had no idea what happened to the fossil bed and my dive buddies needed to know the water temperature (you'd think a MI guy wouldn't really care as long as the water didn't have any ice...  I can understand the FL perspective a little more but it's not like he listened anyway; wanting to dive w/o a hood).

I made it to the river on Tuesday, did some preliminary scouting of the fossil bed to discover some new area had been uncovered, but more had been covered up.  I lucked onto a nice one with just the tip of the ear lobe exposed.  As I kicked by I thougth to myself, "that could be part of a root".  It was like pulling excalibur out of the stone.  I was already past it and pulled it out of the sand.  Still in disbelief I put it in front of my light and the mottling on the blade almost made me choke on my reg.  I found another big tooth which was much worse for wear and a nice bone with feeding damage before I called it quits.

Thursday arrived and Scubapaul, Rivrdigr, "rostrum", and I met and made the necessary introductions.  We headed to the spot and got geared up.  I went downstream and let the other 3 guys work the spot I scouted on Tuesday.  We have dived the area I was working a lot in the past 3 years so I expected to find little.  I managed a few makos and a killer paratodus.  Upon surfacing I was informed I had been beaten by Scubapaul.  I had to bring up the tooth from Tuesday to protect my fossil honor... I heard some mumbling about Donkey Kong, but not exactly sure what was said!

Seems the competition meter was kicked up a notch as a result of this trip!!!

Location Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added5/31/2007

5/22 finds (still wet)
The big guy! Over 5 3/4". Can you tell how much was exposed?
5/24 finds minus the "nice one"... it was in my pocket for the picture!
I'm calling this one "Scubapaul's Bane"! Was told it would be, "On like Donkey Kong" the next trip. I'm going to save some fossil juju to be ready for the competition.
My best of the 2 days diving.

Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!
A Day of First and Second
A Day of First and Second





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