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Scubapaul Came to Town!

ScubaPaul was down for his PCS trip and decided he wanted to get some diving in while he was down. After coordinating with directions and meeting instructions we decided that Sunday was the day. It started off with a little rain and an overcast sky, but when we were finished diving the sun was out and it started to warm our chilled bodies. The river had cooled off considerably since I was there a month ago... brrrrrrrrr. After the 2nd hour of bottom time I had a hard time keeping the spot from my HID steady. We have had a good bit of rain so the visibility was a little lower than I expected, but all worked out for the best. I'll let SP tell his side of the story. Just before I was going to call it quits and warm up I found the 5" sticking blade up out of a small pocket of fossil bed. I said a little prayer to the fossil gods and pulled out an (almost) complete meg. It's missing some bourlette and a portion of the serrations near the root. I found some other small makos with good color and one that would have been huge if complete. I had enough and went back to the boat!
Location Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added10/1/2006

My best teeth of the trip. On an orange cutting board in the spirit of Halloween!

A Day of First and Second
A Day of First and Second
Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!
Give me 30 more minutes...
Give me 30 more minutes...





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