February 24, 2018  
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South River

After a wet start in another creek I decided to go to the R.   I knew i could find some nice teeth here and stay dry.  Other than being a hot sunny day, I found a bunch of nice teeth here.  The grass along the river was about waist high, if not higher in most areas, so it made for a long walk back to the gravel bars.  After almost taking a 10 foot fall into the river, I started my crawling and searching.  Last time i was in this river it was with Rock splitter and he pulled out a nice arrowhead point, so I kept my eyes peeled for those too.  I found a few nice Serratolamna Serrata teeth, two Ischyrhiza Mira teeth, but with the tips broken off.  I Took home a bucket full of gravel so i can find teeth when its raining outside. 
Location Hunt County, Texas, USA

Date Added5/6/2007


Sulphur River
Sulphur River





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