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Sulphur River

I hit the river early today with a 60% chance of rain today.  After not finding much downstream I headed back the other direction.  The finds started coming right off the bat.  I usally surface scan the gravel before sifting just to get the easy stuff.  As I was crawling one of the bars I spoted a nice arrowhead.  My first Texas point.  A little worn, but still nice.  I managed to pick up a few nice teeth today, but before I could start sifting I heard the Thunder not to far from me so I packed it in, but the rain came too fast and I got soaked on my long walk back to the car.  Stupid rain messed up my river trip, but I know it did some good from some of my other spots back closer to home.
Location Hunt County, Texas, USA

Date Added9/9/2007

Huge Ischyrhiza Mira without the tip it is 1.75 inches. Thats by far the biggest one I have found
Not sure what this is, but its pretty cool. The tip is almost white while the rest of it is black. Kinda looks like Mosssaur, but I have never seen one look like that.
my point

South River
South River





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