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Not My Best Day Ever

  The outlook for Saturday"s hunt at PCS with the BRFC crew couldn't have been better.  There had been two heavy rains since the pit was last hunted.  I just knew that the hunting would be awesome! 

The hunting was as good as I had hoped, but the finding was where I suffered.  It seemed that everything I picked up had major damage.  I was seeing serrated edges everywhere, but every single Meg I found was broken, 11 damaged megs in all.  When I spotted the root of a huge Hemi, it turned out to be just that- the root only.  I think that I somehow managed to find the one area in the pit that was devoid of quality teeth.

I did get a few nice consolation prizes, though.  Although it is missing the root, I did find my first Great White tooth.  The 5 inch whale tooth helped ease the pain too.  Finally, even though they are common at Lee Creek, I love the big G. Cuvier teeth, and I got four beautiful specimens. 

Thanks again to PCS for allowing us to collect.  Even a less-than-hoped-for trip is worth the effort, and I look forward to next season!

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/28/2008


Aurora Sanchez
Aurora Sanchez
Open Season In Aurora
Open Season In Aurora
Aurora Spring 2008
Aurora Spring 2008





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