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Rain, Rain Go Away!

Aurora, N.C. and the surrounding areas received upwards of two inches of rain on Saturday.  Saturdays hunt was canceled.  While I wanted some rain I didn't want my trip from northern Maryland to be in vain.  As luck would have it the PCS mine supervisor said the mine and entrance ramp was safe...we were going in!!!  The entire pit was devoid of all footprints...fresh material throughout!!!

This trip was a good one.  I had a chance to put some more faces to names with BRF members.  I met up with Chimp, Fossilmick and Obsessed1, who I already know from hunting in Maryland.  Fossilmick and Obsessed1 both found amazing megs...finds of a lifetime for most.  As for me I am still big meg challenged at Aurora.  I hunt hard and I am looking in the right areas.  I have been in the mine only twice, so I am hoping its just a matter of time!  What I lacked in size of finds on this trip I like to think I made up for it with quality and variety of finds. 

Some of my highlights include some very nice makos including a 2.5" beauty with little cusps.  A sweet 2 1/8" chub (the first tooth I found!) and a perfect little posterior meg.  Some nice cows and tigers.  I found vert of all shapes and sizes...you could fill a wheelbarrow with verts and bones if you wanted!  I found five whale teeth including a very nice pilot whale tooth...a first for me.  I also found four sperm whale teeth.  Three of them found within twenty feet of each other...associated???  One of my more interesting finds was an awesome scute.  It was around two inches, and by far my nicest one ever!  Pat (from Elasmo) pointed out that if you look close it looks like an angel spreading out its wings...pretty cool!

I want to thank PCS phosphate for allowing the fossil hunt.  This is by far my most anticipated fossil adventure each year...and these trips are greatly appreciated!!  I look froward to hopefully coming back in the fall.


Good hunting,   Chris

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added4/7/2008


Is this Heaven?
Is this Heaven?
BRF's invite to the creek
Lee Creek 11/25
Lee Creek 11/25

- 4/8/2008
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