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Aurora Fossil Festival

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to meet any other BRF'ers (except ScubaPaul, whom I already know) at the festival. If you were at the auction I was one of the helpers for the marathon-long auction. Sunday's trip to the mine proved to be very exciting. A "new" area had been opened a few weeks earlier and we would be between the reclaimation and the drag lines. The morning started off nicely with a 4" meg (beaten up a little, but still a 4" tooth) and my better half finding a 3" (major slant height) mako in the first 15 minutes. The heat proved to be too much for her so she headed back to the bus to cool off and I searced for my own piece of Yorktown. My best tooth of the day was a 2.5" chub which has awesome marble coloring. It was just sitting on a pedestal waiting for someone to pick it up. Other notes of interest were a 4" whale tooth, a large section of stingray spine, a 2.5" broad mako for myself, a yorktown great white, and some nice cuvier. There were some beautiful teeth found that day. I believe the biggest was found by a member of the Smithsonian ( 6" +). Hopefully we will be back in the area again next season... keep your fingers crossed!
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added5/28/2006

Just waiting for me...
The best of the days haul out of the mine
The "highlights" of the day

First trip into lee creek
First trip into lee creek
First trip into the Fossil Holy Land, Lee Creek Mine!
First trip into the Fossil Holy Land, Lee Creek Mine!





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