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a good start

Cleaning up some small piles of Cretaceous teeth from some short lazy outings recently... But to top things off I made my first trip of the year to a popular stream on Sunday with low expectations but came back with my biggest mosasaur tooth so far at almost 2.25". It isn't in great shape, its missing almost all of the enamel as is typical of Mosasaur teeth from this stream, but its complete so I am very pleased with it. As I started washing that fateful sifter full of gravel I immediately saw a big black thing pop to the surface. At first I thought it was a piece of bone but then I saw the conical indent and gasped as I knew it was a honker of a mosasaur tooth from the more rare Mosasaurus maximus species. My previous largest Mosasaur tooth was a little over 1.5" so this ups the ante a bit. But as always now its time to find a bigger and better condition one!!
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added1/9/2008


back at it
back at it
never leave fish (teeth) to find fish (teeth)
never leave fish (teeth) to find fish (teeth)
slowing down
slowing down





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