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From Nov 2008 - A day with Toothpuller

This past Sunday Toothpuller, a guest and I were finally able to synch up schedules and spend a few hours in a Cretaceous aged Monmouth County, NJ creek. It was a little cold and breezy but the walk, some overburden labor and a chest waders kept us warm. The site has potential for some pristine teeth and although some were found, there was not an over abundance so we enjoyed what bounty our shovels were able to uncover. Toothpuller found some really nice stuff, including a nice sawfish tooth. The pristine crowshark teeth I was looking for eluded me so I’ll be back soon to try my luck at finding them. I did find some nice small Cretolamna teeth and sweet sandtiger tooth and a cool fish scale. A mammal molar found its way into my sifter but it’s probably modern, at best Pleistocene so no trip maker this week...

Maybe next trip I’ll find a crowshark that will make Paleoscan drool….
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added12/19/2008


Feb. 28th - March 5th
Feb. 28th - March 5th
awesome auriculatus
awesome auriculatus





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