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Back to Reality

I ventured back onto the stream this morning well prepared with a full bottle of bug repellent and plenty of water to quench what I hoped would be a good thirst from opening and closing my tooth container all morning. There was certainly a decent quantity of teeth to be had in the three hours I was out, but the really nice teeth must have sensed the bug repellent on my hands as none were to be found. There were a few in the “Killer if it was whole” category, two beat up Carcharocles blades and a couple of decent Carcharias teeth, but with the success I’ve been spoiled with on the last couple of outings, today was a trip back to reality. It’s amazing how one really nice find can change the complection of 3 hours of “work” in a matter of seconds - not today though.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added7/4/2005


pushing through the schmutz
pushing through the schmutz
a lot of mediocre
a lot of mediocre
walls of schmutz, screens of gold
walls of schmutz, screens of gold





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