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A Day Out With Friends

Mrs Paleoscan reporting. Given the glowing description of my finds (yes, when hunting as a couple, all of the finds are mine), I decided I had to upload a couple of pics of the gorgeous goblins. Unbeknownst to our hunting buddies, when we returned to the Ramanessin on Sunday the 21st, we added a Mososaur tooth to our bounty (it too is pictured). We were also blessed with three small worn squalicorax that had eluded us the day before. It seemed poetic justice after the boys cruelly shot down my alleged dinosaur claw. And -- note to those lucky enough to fossil hunt in mixed gender -- when a lady LOUDLY announces that she needs five minutes of privacy and heads downstream, kindly do NOT follow her ostensibly in search of fossils. I promise, they will be there AFTER I heed the call of nature (no names to protect the clueless).
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added8/20/2005

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Getting Closer to the Carcharocles
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Even My Daughter Finds Bigger Teeth Than Me





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