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A Day Out With Friends

NJ Hunt - 8/20/2005 After weeks of planning, a number of like-minded fossil enthusiasts meet in Monmouth County, NJ to look for some of our favorite shark teeth. Paleoscan and his wife, Xiphodan, Wrong way Rob and another fellow descended into the NJ muck. The tooth du jour today was suppose to be squalicorax - crow sharks - the favorite and name sake tooth of paleoscan’s sweet boat. We spent several hours at different spots along the creek but as fate sometimes has it, he struck out with what he was hoping for. He did however find some of the largest teeth that I’ve seen from this particular locality but his heart was set on squalicorax teeth. The cool part was that he would at least have another shot at finding some on Sunday. The Paleoscans were making it a trip weekend, including a stay over in AC so they hopefully didn’t leave the garden state w/o a crow shark. After a quick lunch (some damn good NJ pizza!) we tried another spot. We didn’t know where to look exactly but we didn’t get skunked and it’s another spot to keep in mind in the years ahead. It’s all part of the adventure!!! I found a few teeth, nothing large or rare to make it feel trip worthy, but this time is was the people who made it fun. With the hopes of another season in the pit at Aurora we all swapped stories and information and had a great time. Now we are all just waiting till the next tooth hunt and the thrill of what new fossils we will find….
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added8/20/2005


Yes sweetie, that is a REAL Dinosa....Uhh Marine Reptile tooth!
Yes sweetie, that is a REAL Dinosa....Uhh Marine Reptile tooth!
Now this spot has potential!
Now this spot has potential!
A Trip Back to the New Hot Spot
A Trip Back to the New Hot Spot





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