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Man your stories are killing me!!!

Alright you eastern fossil freaks, your driving me crazy with all your great stories!! :o) I have a western trip planned for the first week of November to STH area. I really look forward to the digging but want to try some eastern spots. I am a certified scuba diver and would love to make a trip out east and see if i can learn a few things from ya' all.

Is the winter best for Aurora? How about the rivers? I am retired and would like to do about 10 days to 2 weeks out there from Florida to Maryland. Anyone willing to lend a fellow fossil freak a hand and a spot or two? I am still looking for my first meg tooth and would be much beholding to any ideas, help, shared trips. Please let me know when and where we may be able to meet and talk about fossiling.

Your fellow friend in digging the past,

Location North Carolina, USA

Date Added10/12/2007


Digging with Frosty......
Digging with Frosty......
My travels through time…Day 4 the Miocene
My travels through time…Day 4 the Miocene
Cool Hand Luke.....
Cool Hand Luke.....





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