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Peace River 12/02/2007

Well the weather this summer did not produce the normal rain fall that Florida is known for.  This leads to drought conditions that we soon will face.  It also leads to some amazing fossil hunting for this time of year.  The Peace river at the Arcidia boat ramp is about two and a half feet below normal!!!!!!!! 

 I went on my first solo trip and went to out honey hole which was now on dry land.  So I did some test holes in the general area and did find some nice Mako and Snaggle tooth finds.  I also found my first whale ear bone.  The river was cool but the warm temp of the day made it enjoyable.  Clear water made searching very easy and numerous small teeth were found that day also.  With Christmas break just around the corner we will be back real soon!!!!!! 

It was great to finally get a fossil fix in...........

Total haul was about 40 teeth with the pics being the best finds.


Curt V.

Location Peace River, Florida, USA

Date Added12/4/2007

Hemipistis finds of the day...
Mako and other nice finds...
Look at the color!!!

It Will Rain
It Will Rain
A Mammoth good hunt!
A Mammoth good hunt!
A fraglodon by any other name...
A fraglodon by any other name...





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