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Spring Break Peace River Trip

Having a need for a fossil fix and the need for some camping time we were able as a family get both in for 4 days of fun at the Brownville county park, on the Peace River.  We set up camp and hit the river.  A path leads from the camp ground to the river and a huge fossil bed.  We started that day with my older son picking up a nice horse tooth right off a pile someone had just left.  Numerous small teeth were also picked up.  The next day we put the canoe in and went south and found a nice little spot.  A nice horse leg bone piece was picked up as well as some meg pieces and other nice teeth.  Our last day found numerous nice small teeth and a large collection of dugong rib sections and some nice alligator teeth.  Great family fun was had and as a fossil plus, we met up with author and fossil guide-hunter Mark Renz at the boat ramp with his group of fossil hunters.  A true class act, he was more than happy to talk fossils and look at our finds. 

Location Peace River, Florida, USA

Date Added4/20/2008


Nothing Like Making a New Fossil Hunting Buddy
Nothing Like Making a New Fossil Hunting Buddy
A Tiny but Pleasant Surprise
A Tiny but Pleasant Surprise
I made it by the skin of my teeth
I made it by the skin of my teeth





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